Channa Masala

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Paratha Wrap with Robust Chickpea Filling In Punjabi Masala.

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"The best rolls are wrapped with care and filled with love!" Nothing hits the spot better than a delicious wrap loaded with your favorite filling. I’ve designed the mouth-watering Sabrini Wraps especially for people always on the go. Crisp whole wheat parathas, spread with mint chutney and rolled around spicy, aromatic vegetable fillings-the best hunger-busters ever. Come discover India through her amazing food!

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  • Deb

    This wrap is great! So tasty and convenient for a work lunch, thank you :)

    • Sabrini by Chef Harpal

      Hi Deb
      Glad you liked our Wrap. As you mentioned, it is surely a quick, easy and tasty lunch. You could try other wraps and Indian Tiffins. Enjoy!

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